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Instructors Cars

2013 Chevy Camaro, Automatic


2019 Toyota Rav4 SUV, Automatic


About Our Driving School

Thank you for inquiring about Elite Driving School. As a result of the increase in fatalities and injuries to young drivers nationwide, it is Elite Driving School’s deepest desire to provide a driver education program that consists of the most current, safe, and effective driving instruction within the classroom and behind the wheel. Elite Driving School will strongly promote a clear understanding of the driving laws and regulations in Idaho and its bordering state's roadways.

The classroom lessons are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of how to be a confident, safe, and defensive driver. Among other topics, students will be taught about visual targeting, no texting while driving, reference points, safe driving speed given the conditions, seatbelt use, the effects of drinking and driving, high risk and low risk driving, and road rage. The goal of Elite Driving School is to have young drivers adopt a responsible, limited risk taking driving attitude when behind the wheel. Elite Driving School will strive to provide a superior driver education course for anyone age fourteen and one half (14½) and older.


Classroom and Courses

Classroom Lessons

The driver education course will be conducted over a two and one half week (2½) period. The course will consist of thirty (30) hours in the classroom instruction, six (6) hours behind-the-wheel instruction, and six (6) hours in-car observation. The classroom lessons are three (3) hours long and the behind-the-wheel lessons will last for one (1) hour of driving for each student. Therefore, a total of ten (10) classroom lessons are held as well as six (6) behind-the-wheel driving lessons. Students will only learn to drive an automatic vehicle.

Classroom Location

The classroom is located at 4725 North Cloverdale Road, Suite 103, which is located to the south of Centennial High School on Cloverdale Road.

Driving Lessons and Scheduling

Driving Lessons

Students are allowed to choose their driving partner or one will be assigned to them by the instructor. No more than two students will be assigned to a single behind-the-wheel lesson driving slot. Parents or guardians are required to drop-off and pick-up students at the classroom location for each assigned behind-the-wheel lesson. Enclosed is an affidavit requesting signatures of parents or guardians that permit Elite Driving School to conduct behind-the-wheel driving lessons for any student whose schedule is in conflict with their partner’s and can only drive alone with the driving instructor.

Driving Scheduling

The driving portion of the class will be conducted after school on school days. Scheduled drives may also be available before school from 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. in addition to the regularly scheduled driving times on the weekend. Each student will be given a driving schedule on the first day of the class consisting of three (3) drives weekly. Summer driving times are more flexible due to longer daylight hours and no school for the student. There will be a different course schedule for the summer session. Elite Driving School will endeavor to resolve all reasonable scheduling conflicts to the best of its ability.

Quick Facts

Elite Driving School 

  • Teaches both adults and teenagers

  • The driving Instructor has over 20 years of experience!

  • Competitive pricing in the Boise Area

  • Provides driving education that consists of the most current, safe, and effective driving instruction 

  • Completed in two and a half weeks 

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