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What do I need before I start?

Each student is required to purchase a driving permit from the DMV before the first day of class. A parent or legal guardian must accompany the student to DMV with the following documents to purchase the driver training permit: 

  • Certified original birth certificate

  • Letter of compliance obtainable from the student’s present school of enrollment

  • Acceptable photo identification (school activity card) 

  • Social Security number: A liable signer (Parent or Guardian)

  • Fee of $21.50

Where do I purchase my permit?

The Ada County Driver Licensing and Motor Vehicle office is located on 400 N. Benjamin, Boise, ID 83704. This is the only location that is permitted to process a driver’s training permit and a driver’s license.

What do I do after I complete the course?

Anyone under 17 years of age who has not been issued a driver's license in Idaho must successfully complete an approved driver training program and comply with the requirements of the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Program. Under the GDL Program, you will be required to complete a minimum six-month violation-free supervised instruction period, during which you must:


  • be accompanied by a supervising person at least 21 years old with a valid driver's license who is occupying the seat beside you (no other passengers are allowed in the front seat),

  • assure that all occupants are wearing seat belts or child restraints if required,

  • have the Supervised Instruction Permit (SIP) in your immediate possession while driving,

  • observe all laws regarding alcohol and other intoxicating substances, and

  • accumulate at least 50 hours of supervised driving time, ten (10) hours of which must be at night

What kind of Violations are there?

As part of the Graduated Driver's License Program all drivers under the age of 17 are subject to the following moving traffic violation penalties:

  • First violation - Warning letter

  • Second violation - Minimum 30-day suspension

  • Third violation - Minimum 60-day suspension

These penalties are in addition to the cancellation of a Supervised Instruction Permit (SIP) during the supervised instruction period, or any other suspensions that may be ordered by a court or the department because of a traffic violation.

NOTE: If your SIP or driver's license gets suspended, you must pay all applicable reinstatement fees before your driving privileges can be reinstated. If your SIP has been canceled, you will have to purchase a new SIP if you are under 17 years old.

Are there any useful links for more information on  driving in Idaho?

Where can I go for titles and registration?

400 N. Benjamin, Boise 
190 East Front, Boise 
1769 N. Lakes Ave Ste 100, Meridian 
9115 Chinden, Ste 103, Garden City 
Star City Hall; 10769 
W. State St., Star

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